Refoamation Volunteer Rally Point!

The Liberty Pole was placed in front of camp on G Street, where burners would first interact with reFOAMation by being harangued by Phrygians explaining our Foamlosophy.

Zeb starts to draw a crowd with his revolutionary calls to action.

Phrygians focused on several key issues, the first and most powerful recognized Regenerative Agriculture as a long term solution for feeding the planet with healthy food, helping sequester carbon and fighting climate change.

Phrygians also called for an end to the drug war, and embrace the healing power of psychedelics.

Nik delivers on ending labor exploitation and Raising the Wage as a moral obligation.

A Phrygian dons an animal mask to address the crowd on Big Food.

A crowd forms around the Liberty Pole while Abraxas, the glorious golden dragon art car, takes her afternoon nap.

Anomaly addresses the crowd and gets them pumped up to PerFOAM and conFOAM.

At the ConFOAMational, burners confessed their sins against Mother Earth and her creatures.

A Phrygian carries a golden shovel representing Regenerative Agriculture, while she awaits new souls ready to ConFOAM.

Participants then switch roles and don animal masks to receive the confessions of others.

Activity out front involved thousands of people curious about reFOAMation and willing to endure endure rigorous education and physical challenges to get inside.

Robin locks up a group of people in the Human CAFO experience. After responding that they are carnivorous without special consideration to eat correctly sourced humanely raised meat, they earn a turn to feel what it’s like in a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation.

Phrygians force-fed popcorn to lucky participants through the cage bars.

Some didn’t seem to mind being caged in the sun.

Others were clearly affected by the punishment, and may have regretted their choice.

Phrygians push burners to their limits with an impressive level of participation.

Jumping jacks, a part of Robin’s “training”. If you really want to reFOAM, we have to break you down first.

An estimated 9,000 Burning Man attendees waited in line to participate in the reFOAMation.

Participants successful in navigating Phrygian forces were finally invited to cross through the portal into the labyrinth, to download sacramental knowledge integral to the reFOAMation.

Giant tapestries covered our water containers, displaying artwork of rich biodiversity in nature by Dima the Astronaut.

The labyrinth held between 100-200 people at a time, slowly making their way closer to the FOAM, with plenty of time to read our educational downloads.

“Balance” by Dima the Astronaut

“Avalon” by Dima the Astronaut

Paintings by Quest Skinner depicting her experience of Burning Man decorated the labyrinth wall of our water containers.

Measuring 7’ tall by 32’ long, the chalkboard holds many wishes for reform, both serious and silly.

The final educational download before entering the FOAM states, “Humans’ dietary and agricultural practices are causing a massive extinction event of the same magnitude as the comet that destroyed the dinosaurs, crashing ecosystems and wiping out species across the globe.

Foamie Homies in the Wardrobe Den prepare to activate the FOAM, securing Earth Guardian headdresses to their crowns and splashing color onto their bodies.

Quest Skinner whispers loving praises to the Foamie Homies, as she paints their faces and transforms them into their chosen animal spirit.

The Leopard Warrior, the Seahorse, la belle Jellyfish, and the Dove.

“Monkey see, Monkey do” takes a break from character to hydrate.

Cerberus, the guardian dog of the underworld, wears jeans but never leaves character.

A 24’ sculpture made of recycled paper and wheat paste served as the centerpiece supporting our tent. The placard reads, “This Tree of Life symbolizes our loving unity with Earth and beyond. May all be blessed to behold Her and know this.”

The DJ Booth was adorned with torsos by Quest Skinner, titled “What’s in Your Soul?” Her pieces address what it means to be seen, and to safely & proudly share what’s inside.

The crew powers speakers and makes final touches before activating the FOAM.

Foamie Homie Tim assists artist Alex Grey with the installation of his mural, “Star Dancers”.

Alex & Allyson Grey in front of their mural, which they painted live in the dome during foaming.

reFOAMation hosted the Zendo training, on holding safe space and psychedelic harm reduction.

A view of Persephone’s lounge during meal time from the catwalk of the Foamy Ark.

The reFOAMation kitchen served meals using all organic produce, responsibly sourced humanely rasied meat available every other day, and daily vegan options, prepared with Love.

The Kitchen Crew in action!

Beyond the kitchen was the Tool Zone, Drinking Water Station, & Regeneration Station. Compost drying racks, incinerators, and recycling bins served as means for the least amount of waste possible.

In ode to Da Vinci’s humanist vision that transcends political, ethnic and religious boundaries, the Anti-War Machine turns his design into a beacon of Love & Acceptance for all Mother Earth’s children, helping us see and honor the love and magic that is within us all.

Abraxas, the glorious golden dragon of legendary vibration